Tattoo Kits

In many cases when you start out a good tattoo kit can be of great value so you don’t need to think too much what you need and can focus on the drawing and machine skills.

There is many many kits to chose from but this is our recommendations:

Don’t buy a kit with many machines:

More is better or? No , definitely not! You can only handle one machine at a time and its much better to get 1-2 stable machines than 4-6 – 8volt crap machines that is totally useless

Be careful with the ink:

Stay away from Chinese Tattoo ink

Most kits have inks inside and most is directly packed and made in China and this ink is illegal in all European countries , rules for America I don’t know but still if you tattoo anybody with shit ink you will get into trouble.
So one advice is to buy a kit without the ink so you not get temped to use it or to just use if for practice on the practice skins.
I can’t stress enough, don’t ever use tattoo inks on people that is not from a famous brand and a legit source. Copies also exists and can be found everywhere on Ebay ¬†and amazon.

Make sure the power supply is of reliable quality:

The power supply makes up for most of the cost in a tattoo kit and for you to later be forced to buy a new power supply because the one in the tattoo kit was not good enough is a heavy blow. So we recommend that making sure the power supply and machines are in good order and then just build from this.

What you need to buy extra that most kits don’t include:

Extra practice skins, green soap ( This is very cheap/heavy and easy to find everywhere) so most kits don’t have this inside , one package of gloves, clip cord cover, machine covers and Detol or stencil Stuff.


My personal recommendation is to start with a good quality small kit for around 100-150$ and add the hygiene things and gloves and of course Quality ink. Then build from this and add stuff that you need in the future part by part.