How To make tattoo Ink – Part 1



Before we can make the perfect tattoo there should also be the perfect ink to use for such artful designs. The greatest asset of a tattoo artist is his talent and his tools. Included in his tool is the best ink to use for the job. But how could you have the best ink to use?

There are different ways that we can make very good tattoo inks. It could either be homemade, professional grade tattoo ink or even we can use what our ancestor have handed down to us the mixing of ancient tattoo ink. The most common and cheapest way of making tattoo ink is very obvious but significantly good to use is the homemade tattoo ink.

Since tattoo ink will be penetrating the deeper layers of the skin we should use safety precautions not to have bacteria penetrate the area. Some homemade tattoo ink is made from the carbon product of mixing totally burned wood ashes with water. Although this is good enough to use as a tattoo ink but it is not healthy or safe to use because water mixed with ashes might cause bacteria to penetrate the deep portions of the skin which cause bigger problems.

We could use for safety instead sterile distilled water as the carrier for the ashes to be mixed. There are other suggestions in making still a better mixture by using a non-toxic disinfectant, like the vodka for some countries who have it, it could also be called sake in Japan, gin for some and in our own country where I came from, seeing my great grand doing the tattoo, they use to mix the “tapuy” the local rice wine similar to sake of Japan. As long as the substance has an alcoholic effect that can be mixed with the ashes then that could be used.

Prepare 1 cup of carbon black ashes to be mixed with vodka or any other variety of its line to mix with the ashes to create a slurry then you could mix this through the use of a blender if the ink is too thin then add some more carbon black ashes to the vodka and if it is too thick add some more vodka until you get the right mixture for the ink you are going to use. It is advisable to use always fresh mix ink before any tattoo session for better results although you can still store pre-mixed tattoo inks left from the previous mixture in a sealed container which is away from sunlight and blended again.

Although here is a safety note before tattooing using homemade ink. We all know that we can prepare the ink ourselves but it is not always also a good idea give yourself and a friend a tattoo.  We should rely also on the professionals who only uses quality inks which are consistent and safe to use. Tattoo professionals are also well trained and use only aseptic techniques that will prevent you for having infections after your tattoo. We should always think of safety before price. Being able to have the service cheap is not necessarily being safe also

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