How to make tattoo ink – Part 2

We have mentioned on Part 1 of this article regarding our engagement with Professional Tattoo artists who are only using the best professional quality tattoo inks.  Let’s go back a bit on the ancient tattoo as a basis of this beautiful art of tattooing. We can trace this back as far as the Romans and the Egyptians. We could recall the name Aetius the Roman Physician who devised the tattoo ink.  He has provided the world of tattooing an iron-based ink tattoo which has both medical and historical significance. If in any case you would like to use the ancient ink for tattooing then it is advisable to always disinfect the ink, skin and the needle to be used.


For mixing the ancient tattoo ink, you will be needing the following ingredients to be prepared before mixture. 1 pound of Egyptian  Pine Bark,  2 ounces of corroded bronze ground with vinegar, 2 ounces of gallnut which are insect egg deposits found in some trees and  1 ounce vitriol which are commonly known as iron sulfate. Mixed all ingredients together and sift. After mixing and sifting the ingredients add a combination  of liquid which is 1 part leak juice combined with two parts water.


During tattoo time using the ancient mixture of tattoo ink. Prepare the person to be tattooed on, cleansed the skin area where the tattoo is going to be placed with leak juice.  Draw the design of the tattoo on the skin area where it will be placed. Then prick the tattoo design into the skin in order to draw the blood. After finishing the pricking, you then can rub the tattoo ink prepared into the pricked skin. Just let it dry and let the ink sink first if you like the color to be darker then you can rub the skin design with the ink again for the second or third time around. Depending on  the kind of outcome you want the tattoo to come out.


This ancient art of tattooing is the basis of the modern art of tattooing. In fact, Rome hosts the International Tattoo Expo in the world. As a professional tattoo artist, they you usually start with their ink mixes with purchasing dry ink pigment which could be purchased from reliable tattoo supply company.  This will give you the edge that the ink that you will be using is non-toxic and safe to use for tattooing.  Be sure to use only utensils that are properly sterilized before making any mixtures.  Be sure to wear sterilized gloves and mask to maintain the sterile work area.




Here are the ingredients that you will be needing for the mixture. You need 2 pints of witch hazel, 2 1/4 teaspoons propylene glycol, 2 1/4 teaspoons of medical grade glycerine and 1 cup pigment powder of the color that you want.  Mix together the first three ingredients together then add the pigment powder of the desired color you want to mix. Mix for 10 to 20 minutes slowly adding liquid until you reach the right consistency that you want. If it’s too thick add some more liquid, if it is too thin add more pigments in a low spin  in the blender. If you have reached the right consistency then blend the mixture in medium speed for an hour. Then after an hour, you are ready to pour the finished ink into a sterile container with a secure lid and kept away from sunlight. Always remember that the quality of ink is what we should look for in any tattoo job or artist. Not being able to save or being cheap is necessarily of good quality. Look always for quality.