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Starbrite Tattoo Inks

Starbrite Colors offer pre-dispersed, pure, uncut tattoo pigments in vibrant colors that tattoo artists love. The Starbrite Colors brand was created in the early 1990s by Tommy Ringwalt, Sr., Mike Nicholson and Carol Landry. They put their stamp on the tattoo industry and changed it forever by offering tattoo artists unparalleled inks in amazing shades that healed well and stayed true to their original colors.

In the mid-’90s, the three-way partnership dissolved, Tommy deiced to go his own way to continue to make and improve the StarBrite Ink brand that can be found on “TommysSupplies.com. Both Tommy’s and Papillon Industries hold the rights to the Starbrite Colors formula.

In 2004, Tommy Sr. partnered with his son, Tom Ringwalt Jr. to revolutionize and reconstruct the way StarBrite Colors are produced. He renamed the brand to “STARBRITE COLORS” with the slogan “GOES IN STAYS IN” and continue to improve the StarBrite colors brand and formula with his team of devoted chemists, scientist and dermatologists , to simply create the best tattoo ink possible.

Look for Tommy’s Supplies’ black twist caps, clear bottles, bottle seals and unique vinyl die-cut labels. Make sure the label has our address on it, Tommy’s Supplies, 34 Egypt Road, Unit A, Somers, CT 06071, as well as the trademark symbol™


Benefits of Starbrite Tattoo Inks:

Starbrite Colors manufactures pre-dispersed tattoo inks with a thin consistency that flows smoothly.Starbrite tattoos heal well and the inks stay true to their original shades over time.These are sterile tattoo inks manufactured with the aid of the most modern technology and in accordance with current regulations. Starbrite inks are backed by more than two decades of tattoo industry experience and is one of the earliest brands.