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Radiant Colors Tattoo Inks

Radiant Colors’ tattoo inks live up to their name. This line is comprised of an array of resplendent colors that stay vibrant over time—colors developed through Radiant’s close relationships with tattoo artists who have expressed their needs and desires for better tattoo ink options. The photos here show just two examples of beautifully-bright tattoos inked with Radiant Colors, so you can see this stellar line of tattoo ink’s potential.

Radiant tattoo inks are crafted using the latest technology in ink pigmentation, so they’re pre-dispersed rather than pigment-based. These are sterilized tattoo inks made with pure, uncut, homogenized pigment and a homogenous fluid mix for a thin consistency that flows into the skin.

In addition to their array of brilliant color tattoo inks, Radiant Colors offer Harajuku Sumi black outlining and shading inks.Painful Pleasures offers more than 60 Radiant Colors tattoo inks in ½ oz. and 1 oz. sizes, as well as the Harajuku Sumi black, inks in 1 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.


Benefits of Radiant Tattoo Ink:Eye Tattoo Created With Radiant Tattoo Inks

Radiant tattoo inks are brilliant, pre-dispersed pigments with a thin, smooth consistency with a fast, steady flow.All Radiant inks are sterilized.Radiant Colors USA tattoo inks are manufactured in the U.S.