Preparation before a session

Confirm the time:

First of all to make preparation before a session you need to confirm the time of the booking and be 100% sure that the other person is clear on what time and what date, you cant imagine how much time is spent preparing for customers that is wrong on dates and times. Most artist takes a small deposit just to avoid this and it might be a very good idea to do so. Human nature to not forget they have paid money…

Make and confirm the design:

In most cases the customer have already told you what type of motive she or he want so a good idea is to confirm before the session that everyone agrees on the main design

Prepare the working area:

Cleanliness is the main focus, clean the workspace and tables careful and put clip cord covers on your clip cords and machine covers on the machines. Cover the area where the customer is going to sit and also prepare gloves and wipes.

Decide on what colors and needles:

Depending on what type of tattoo you are doing you need different needles ready, even perhaps a stronger machine if you are doing a big shading work then a 10volt coil machine might not have power enough for the big needles. If this is the case you need to have the machines also close to your station.

Confirm on the design and make a stencil :

Time to start, check once again with the customer if there is something he or she want changed and talk about what colors to use. Here is important to guide, many is scared of doing mistakes and to lead the other person through this is many times one of your most important skills.


Reassure customer if first time tattooing:

Goes without saying but many people is scared of needles, so reassure that it will not pain much and start with a small needle in a big black area so if the customer jumps or have a heavy first reaction on contact with a tattoo needle. Then the design and skin is not ruined .

preparations before tattoo session