Preparation of the Client

Schedule a first meeting :Tattoo Design

First step in preparation of the client and in tattooing is to be a mentor and listen to the customer and try to understand what he or she really would like and is meaning. Many times people dont know what they want, they have just decided to do a tattoo and have a vague idea on what to make.
Therfore the first meeting is very imoprtant. A chance to get to know the other person and to find a design and idea that you think would be appreciated. Also many times you need to reassure about the pain.

Decide a time:

This is the most important, many tattoo artist sceduale big lumps of time for one person 3-6 hours is not unusal even more in many cases. The reasons for this is that preparing the workspace, the design, all this part is “unpaied” work and the more you can make in one session the better. The accumulated time for preparation and cleaning is quite heavy

Get a deposit:

People forget and change their minds. A booked time without a comitment in money is a very bad idea. Why? Simple. People dont show up and you are spending a afternoon doing nothing and get no money for it. Always get a deposit, dont need to be a big percentage of the total cost, its just that people remember
their commitments much more and much more stronger if they already paid some money for it.

Your rules and recommendations:

Go through the basics and if you can its sometimes very reassuring for the customer if you leave a small preparation flyer to him and her. What solvents that needs to be bought before the tattooing and some necessary information and guidelines.


Short version РPreparation of the client:Preparation of the client

1. Decide on what to tattoo
2. Decide on time
3. Get a deposit
4. Go thorugh your and his responsabilities