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Mom’s Tattoo Ink

Mom’s Ink from Millennium Colors, Inc., is pre-dispersed tattoo ink made from pure, uncut, homogenized pigments. Millennium Colors promises that Mom’s delivers the “highest possible pigment content” and bright colors that flow into the skin quickly and smoothly.

The Mom’s Ink line is a favorite among professional tattoo artists around the world, primarily because of its extraordinary consistency. In the early 1990s, the line included just a few shades, but today there are more than 60 colors in the Mom’s Ink line, including a subset of Nuclear Colors that are touted as the world’s brightest and safest black-light ink. Millennium Colors stringently triple-checks each batch of Mom’s Ink for 3 things: pigment life, flow rate, and color consistency.

Painful Pleasures offers nearly 20 Millennium Mom’s tattoo ink sets from which you can choose your perfect mix of Mom’s Inks. You can also shop for individual Mom’s Ink colors in multiple bottle sizes and boxes of ink shots (1 color per box).

Benefits of Millennium Tattoo Ink:

Mom’s Inks are pre-dispersed to provide a fast, smooth flow.They’re made from pure, uncut pigments. Mom’s Millennium tattoo ink is made in the U.S.A.