Tattoo Power Supplies

The selection of power supplies with all its types and colors can sometimes be overwhelming to say the least. But here we have done a purchasing guide for you that might help you to select the right power supply for you. We will make a simple distention between Portable power supplies and semi portable / stationary.

Portable Power Supplies:

This category is very light supplies, that is easy to carry with you and is perfect if you are a traveling artist without a studio or a guest artist that traveling around to other studios in your country or even abroad.
Then a lightweight companion that you can rely on can be the best choice

Semi Portable / Stationary

This once is a little more heavy and sometimes can be used for more than one machine, its weight is around 500-1000g and can be a little troublesome to carry with you. And is best to keep at one location or one studio.

Laboratory  Power supplies:Labratory-Power-supply

Once upon a time there was very limited selection of power supplies made for tattoo artist and for people starting out some years ago with tattooing many have used a Power supply made for Laboratory usage. This high advanced towers are stationary to say the least and a normal clip cord will not work. For this you need find special “RCA” cables that most big selection tattoo supplier have. This is still used today and many skilled artists with long history in the field prefer this and all the advance settings that can be fine-tuned to perfection.

Valid CE certification

No matter what you choose make sure the CE clarification is valid. Most and close to every power supply made for tattooing out there has a fake CE classification. thThe same power supply from the same factory in China making a real vs a fake CE is half the price. From the same factory, looks the same, feels the same, sounds the same. Just that one is more checked and the inner parts is according to the regulations of safety concerning Electronic Devices.