Tattoo Machines

So you want to start tattooing, or buy a new machine to your collection?
Here is our buying guide, on what to choose

Coil Machines:

First the different coil machines are as follows 8volt, 10volt and 12volt.
The voltage is a measurement of how much power that can flow through the coils without danger. And basically the more wraps the coils has the bigger the coil and the bigger the voltage.
Thats why the 8volt machines are much more cheap than a solid 12 volt. The coils are harder to make. Our recommendation is to stay away from the 8 volt machines, they are mostly in poor quality and can do  more harm than good. Buy a small 10 volt machine instead and one solid 12 volt brand machine that can handle the big needles.

Pros and cons with a coil tattoo machine:

Its cheaper:  You can find good machines for 50$ and the top brands is around 200$
Looks better: With this machines you look like a real tattoo artist
The parts is cheaper: if you want to change something or play around with the machine its very easy to find spear parts and all needles and tubes for standard machines works.

Heavy: Some of this machines with a solid iron frame 10-12volt machines can be heavy, very heavy
Can have lots of vibrations : That makes a long day tattooing a real pain if you tattooing for long times
The noise : Some of this machines have a heavy noise

Rotary Machines

The first machines that was made was actually rotary tattoo machine, but for some reason this passed away in the history until quite recently when rotary machines have become more and more popular again. Many brands like Stigma, Cheyenne, Bishop is leading this market.
This machines require a much larger upfront cost and some of them is limited to only their own brands spare parts, grips, tubes and even needles.

Very small vibrations: This make you able to tattoo for longer periods of time
Light:  The weight is usually very very small

Expensive: They cost from 300$ up to 450$
Need to buy expensive brand supplies: You can only buy needles and tubes specially made for the brand and pay 2-3 times more for this than if you bought regular needles.
The sound: This sounds more like a electric toothbrush and you will miss the tattoo feeling in your studio.