Solvents , cream and aftercare

Here we list some of the most Popular tattoo Creams ,  Solvents and aftercare that you will see in most studios. And we talk about some brands and how they might be useful for you when you are tattooing.

Tattoo Gootattoo Goo Solvent

This company have a big number of different products with primary aim to heal the tattoo more efficient, product if from the sunlight that will bleach it and also to prevent scraping to occur on the skin after a tattoo has been made. Tattoo Goo with its number of products are well known for any tattoo artist

Stencil Stuff & Stencil ProStencil Stuff Tattoo

This is the two leading brands when it comes to stencil application. To use this you first put it on the target area and then put the stencil and the lines from the stencil will glue to the skin much more efficient than most other solutions.

DettolDettol Aftercare

Dettol is manly used to take away bacteria and cleaning but in the tattoo world its widely used for a whole range of usage everything from stencil application to table cleaning. It contains natural ingredients and are not harmful for the skin or the wound, but the strong smell can for some people be a little too much.

Green SoapGreen Soap

Green soap is mostly used for cleaning and also mixed with water for cleaning of the excess ink when you are making the tattoo. If you only using water the excess ink will not remove itself and you will have great trouble seeing how the tattoo is looking like and what is missing.
If you buy a good quality one and it will not be harmful for either the skin, you or the nature. And can be used for many things in the studio.

After InkedAfter inked

Famous American brand and mainly used for moisturizer for new tattoos during the days directly after tattooing when its so vitally important that you can’t let your new tattoo get dry or touch unclean areas.

Pain / numb reliving solvents

This you need to be careful with , only to buy something from a famous brand and trusted supplier. If you find a good solvent for this, some of your customers might appreciate you for this. Not everyone like the stingy feeling and especially sensitive areas behind ear, fingers, ribs can hurt quite much. And for many this is the first area where they start with their first tattoo.
Tattoo Numb Cream