There is many types of tattoo needles and when you start out it might be a whole jungle with information to go through but search no further. Here on we have a complete needle guide for you whit everything you need to know about Tattoo Needles.


Size measurement of tattoo needles:

First and most common is a size marking that looks like this 1205XX , 1011XX
The last 2 numbers: 12(05) , 10(11) is a measurement of how big the needle tip width is.
1 is the smallest size and needles up to 22 is not that uncommon. Normal liner is around 4-7 and shader around 8-12.
The first two numbers: (12)05 , (10)11
This is a measurement of the overall thickness of the needles not the tip width , and to be honest most suppliers mix this up all the time so this does not matter that much. Focus on the last 2 number, those matters the most in the beginning.


Round Liner ( RL )

This is a liner needle with all its needle stacked in a round position, this is good because it doesn’t create any edges and if you are a little unsure about the position it doesn’t matter that much compared  to a single stack magnum or a flat needle that can do a lot of damage handled wrong. Normal sizes to use with this needle is around 4-10round-liner


Round Shader ( RS )

This needle is similar to the Round Liner but more focused on shading and here as well you have a round edge, perfect for more fluid shadings eyes, clouds, backgrounds etc. Normal size is 6-12 around.


Flat ( F )

This is a flat lining needle used to cover lines and big areas of black. This needle have been losing grounds to the Round Magnum needle more and more because it lacks the Round Magnum needles flexibility. Normal size around 6-10


Round Magnum (RM)

This needle keeps on growing in popularity and is used both for shading and for some lines and artwork. Its a line of needles with curved edges that makes it possible for the tattoo artist to experiments with angels and different strokes without digging deep into the skin with the needle edges that would happened with a Flat or a Mangum needle


Magnum Single Stack (M1)

This is a flat needle used for cover big areas and is racked in a single stack ( just one row of needles )


Magnum Double stack (M2)

Same as the single stack needle just that it has 2 layers, and a M1 10 is bigger in size than a M2 because the 10 size is calculated on a single line. But the M2 have 2 rows so the needle feels around 40% smaller. This is also important to know when you buy tips.
A 10M1 fits into a 11Tip , but a 10M2 need a much smaller tip around 8Tip size.
Double stack Magnum