Hygiene and cleaning

Here we talk about most of the hygiene and cleaning products that you need to be familiar with wehn you are making tattoos.


For Gloves there usually is 2 different types Nithril and latex.
Latex is natural but many people can react to this, so this type of gloves should be avoided.
We only recommend usage of Nithril gloves with some anti sweat powder inside that makes it more comfortable if you are tattooing for hours and hours.

Machine and Clip Cord Covers:

When you are making tattoos you should always use Machine covers for your machine to protect parts that is very hard to clean in other ways . Better not to get them dirty in the first place. The same goes with the clip cord cover that protects the clip cord that otherwise is both on the ground and connects with many other unwanted areas


Many many types of this but avoided the once that already have alcohol or perfume on them ( If they not specially made for tattooing ) this is because of a simple rule. You have no idea what is inside and what it might do to your customers skin and tattoo. Keep safe and use the things that you know Green Soap and Dettol for example.
Also one thing that you should watch out for is if they are easy to “dust” and lose parts if weet or swiped over the skin.

Disinfection spray

Many types of this and should be used on the work areas after you finished with the tattooing. Dettol has some good product for this but many other brands is likely recommended.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Hygiene and cleaning - Ultra sonic CleanerSound fancy but it actually close to useless, takes away blood and skin that can end up stuck on your material. And that’s pretty much it, no matter what the videos or product descriptions say.
This is just for visual cleaning.
The dangerous bacteria’s are still on the now clean looking tattoo material.





autoclave_0This is the only way to clean your tattoo machines and tattoo items. Autoclaves works by sealing the item inside and then apply high pressure and then finally steam. The steam in a autoclave is usually 20 degrees heater than the one you normally do whit boiling and the combination of high pressure and 120 degree steam for a longer duration of time is more than most germs can handle and you end up with a sterile item. Sounds perfect so why doesn’t everyone have a autoclave? The bad part is that a good and safe autoclave for tattooing is expensive, very very expensive.