Materials and Introduction

Here we will go through all the most useful materials that you will need in order to make good tattoos, most artist say knowledge and skills go hand in hand and when you are starting out to keep track of everything you need and what the uses and different types might be can be something of a headache.

Tattoo Machines
First we run thought what you need to think about when you buying a tattoo machine, if you need a 10 volt machine or a 12 volt machine and what the difference are. We also show you with some recommendations on good machines that we use daily and that we strongly recommend.

Tattoo Kits:
Yes there exists good tattoo kits and they might be very useful when you start out. To get everything at the same place. A good kit should be safe to use and have parts that you easy can change and upgrade. And don’t forget the Inks… Inks NEEDS to be brand quality.

There is a lot of names on the needles RM ( Round Magnum, Magnum, Stack 1, Round liner, Round Shader, flat needle, Stack 2 Magnum, 1201 or 1001 , What the numbers stands for and what you need for different tattoos.

Hygiene and Aftercare:
You need to keep your work-space clean, and take care of your customers so they dont get infected. Cleanliness is most important and a infection can both hurt the tattoo and do permanent damage and blood infections can ruin someone life.
So this part is a must read with its recommendations for everyone that is tattooing.

Power supplies:
A good power supply will be your long friend and companion for a long time, and if you buy a kit this is something you want to keep long time so important you know what to buy. And what the different signs and voltage that is used and how you should use them.