Where to start – Learn how to Tattoo

Learn how to tattoo takes time, many estimates it will take between six months to two years before you have the necessary skills. Though a dedicated tattoo artist will spend their entire career evolving and improving their skills. Your dedication is the key to your success. For people who would like to consider work as a tattoo artist should have first the raw and artistic ability to draw.  Thier are many people seeking education as a tattoo artist has taken basic art courses. The passion for sketching and drawing is a must for all tattoo artist.


Ways To Learn and Start Tattooing

Study Drawing

First and most important is drawing. If you have talent ( Talent is accumulated time spend doing one thing ) then you will be more easy to be accepted as an apprentice and also seriously you will be a better tattoo artist overall.

You will be surprised on how many free lessons you can find online on sites like youtube and if you just google the specific area that you want to practice in.

To go to local night classes might also be a wonderful idea and for some people to have a group of others and a teacher is a great push and motivator just by itself.
Where to start tattooing - Drawing

Be An Apprentice

Nothing is better than to study under a artist, but be prepared you will be his or her bitch and do everything that nobody else wants to do.

This benefits you though because you can garter the right habits regarding hygiene and sanitation, cleanliness overall.

If the master have free time you can get advice and see close up how he does, maybe he will even spend some time to teach you how the machine works.

*Do not expect to start tattooing right away. *You will be learning the business from the ground up.

Reasons Why Tattoo Artists Want To Take In Apprentices

If he see you are skilled in drawing and that you have a talent with the machine and really want to do this he have an opportunity to fine tune your skills to fit his studio and in the long run plan to hire you.

Can also be that he wants to give something back to the community.

Nevertheless be clear about one thing, He doesn’t have to train you so you need to show him why he should bother. Make it worth his time


Selecting The Right Mentor Artist For You

*In selecting a mentor is a task that all apprentices should be take seriously.

*Always choose someone whose work you have always admired.

*Be sure that you will be investing a lot of time and money with this person.

*Choose someone who you get along with. *The mentor will teach you the ins and outs of the business.

*Make sure that you are working with someone who has solid business management skills and artistry in tattooing.


Self LearningThe Art of Tattooing

*The answer is you should have lots of practice, and a lot of dedication and learning.

*Just take it slowly. Don’t dive into working on people immediately.

*Get a mentor, if possible for you to find a tattooist who will help you with questions and problems that you might encounter. This will be an amazing help.

*Read everything that you can possibly find about the art of tattooing.


*Try to invest in top quality machines from named builders. Not just a starter kit to use. Remember this will be your own business.

*Buy good quality equipment always. Don’t settle for less.

*Invest hours in practising on practice skin and pig skin to be more adept in your art.

*Then progress to working on your own leg of work.

*Be RESPONSIBLE in everything that you do.


Steps To Learn how to Tattoo


What To Consider in Drawing Tattoos

*Tattoo drawings are something that you may or may not have considered but this is needed to improve your skills improve.

*Once word gets out that you have some good skills you’ll be surprised what kind of art related things people will want you to do.

Find and look at a good collection of tattoos before you start to draw anything. By seeing what else is out there, you’ll find inspiration and have a huge advantage to make your next tattoo a real winner. Avoid this advice if you want your tattoo drawings to suck, but I know that you’re smarter than that.


Learning How The Machine Works

It is a tattoo artist responsibility to learn the machine of the craft in order to be successful in the industry