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Formula 51 Tattoo Ink

Formula 51 was conceived by tattoo artist Chris 51, who developed the brand with his tattoo artist partner, Joshua South, with one objective in mind: To deliver dynamic, high-quality tattoo inks that meet the ever-changing needs of today’s tattoo artists without outside influence or investors. These are tattoo inks “made by tattoo artists for tattoo artists”—a concept that serves as the foundation for Formula 51’s entire brand.

Chris 51 and his team use every Formula 51 ink color in their own studios on a daily basis. They feel Formula 51 inks are unparalleled, thanks primarily to the 100%-natural pigment base of every single color in the line. Formula 51 colors are developed from organic substances plucked straight from nature and infused with the spunky devil-may-care personality of Chris 51 himself—named so because he “was born in the infamous Area 51 facility and has never outgrown his alien roots.”


Formula 51’s off-the-wall color names and sometimes crass product descriptions are enough to make even the hardest sells in the industry crack a grin. There are now 50 Formula 51 colors available, ranging from Vulcan Blood green to Baywatch red to Hell No Kitty pink, and a rainbow of other irreverently-named shades that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. Whichever shade you try first, it’s certain to delight you with its vivacity, diversity, and smooth consistency.

Duck Teals Tattoo Ink by Formula 51Formula 51 tattoo inks are available throughout the U.S. and are gaining popularity worldwide. Many of the colors are now European-approved, and Chris and the Formula 51 team are “tirelessly working on becoming the only American-based ink company [whose] entire catalog is universally available and certified on all continents!”

Benefits of Formula 51 Tattoo Ink:

Formula 51 inks are pre-dispersed for consistency and client safety. Pre-dispersion provides reliable colors time and again, it’s much more sterile than self-mixing, and it eliminates the possibility for scary ingredients being added to the mix.All of the pigments used to create Formula 51 inks are 100% organic.You aren’t putting money in the pocket of some corporate SOB who’s never touched a tattoo machine when you buy Formula 51 inks; you’re supporting other hard-working tattoo artists like you whose only objective is to give you superior tools to ink amazing-looking tattoos that will put more money in your pocket.Formula 51 tattoo inks are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Notes About Formula 51 Ink:

Embrace Formula 51’s irreverent, fun, pop-culture inspired naming scheme. It isn’t meant to offend, but to draw you in. Regarding the brand’s crazy tattoo ink color names and product descriptions, Chris 51 said: “…as with tattooing, [ink making] is also an art form and creative process that is very rewarding. I decided to market my ink a different way though. It seemed that every company was so politically correct and cautious with their product naming and marketing strategies, and this is the one industry that we don’t need to be. Let’s face it, we are not doctors and lawyers, we are the non-conformists of society, that is why we do what we do. Who wants to see another ochre on the market when you can be more descriptive and call it Crack Rock?”