Famous Ink Brands

Eternal Ink

Eternal’s focus has always been on the art of tattooing and finding continuously better ways to support tattoo artists in their efforts to design long-lasting, high-quality tattoos

You can find Eternal Ink in a huge variations and selection of nearly 200 Eternal Ink products , this is also one of the most famous and popular Ink brand in the whole world.


Benefits of Eternal Ink:

Eternal Ink is water-based, non-toxic and glycerol-free, which makes it suitable for vegans.Eternal tattoo inks are pre-dispersed, so they flow smoothly and disperse evenly. Plus, they’re essentially ready to use right out of the bottle.It’s manufactured by one of the oldest tattoo suppliers in the industry, so it’s backed by years of experience and has had more than 3 decades to be fine-tuned. The variety of Eternal Ink colors, bottle sizes and set options is nearly unparalleled.Eternal Ink is manufactured in the U.S.


Notes About Eternal Tattoo Inks: Eternal Ink Tattoo Ink Set

Eternal’s pre-dispersed tattoo inks are a favorite of professional tattoo artists, particularly of new school artists.Pre-dispersed inks may not need to be mixed quite as thoroughly as pigment-based inks, but they still need to be mixed before using. Shake your Eternal Ink bottles well before filling your ink cups. It’s handy to have a hand mixer around to stir up cup contents right before you use a color, too.