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Dynamic Tattoo Inks

Dynamic Color Co. has been specializing in high-quality tattoo inks since 1990. The strength of some of their colors is so intense that Dynamic recommends using white to cut them and adding yellow to the mix when toning down browns. Dynamic Color’s inks are pre-dispersed, so they go into the skin quickly and smoothly.


Dynamic Tattoo InksBenefits of Dynamic Tattoo Inks:

These pre-dispersed tattoo inks are ideal for new school tattoo artists.Dynamic tattoo ink is created using premium pigments. Dynamic Color Co. is located and made in the U.S.



Notes About Dynamic Inks:

Dynamic’s suggestion to cut some of its more intense colors may mislead some to believe this is a stable, or pigment-based, ink. “Pre-dispersed” doesn’t mean that there isn’t pigment in the ink; it just means that the powder pigment particles are broken up much more finely than they typically would be in a stable pigment-based tattoo ink. When those fine particles are blended with a carrier liquid, the resulting ink flows freely and smoothly.