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Bloodline & SkinCandy Inks

Bloodline and Skin Candy ink lines contain some of the most vibrant tattoo ink colors on the market. All of their inks are manufactured onsite in Skin Candy Tattoo Supply’s state-of-the-art, medical-grade clean room in Burbank, California. They use an EU-certified pigment dispenser to weigh out pigments before blending and color matching them. To create the purest product possible, the pigments are then mixed with zero water that’s also made onsite through a process involving UV filtration and reverse osmosis. Skin Candy and Bloodline tattoo inks have been thoroughly tested and found to stay brilliant over time.


Benefits of Skin Candy & Bloodline Inks:

These pre-dispersed inks enter the skin easily and distribute evenly.Skin Candy and Bloodline are crafted from pure zero water and premium pigments. These are sterile, top-quality products manufactured in a medical-grade clean room. Skin Candy’s tattoo inks are all made in the U.S.A.


Notes About Bloodline & Skin Candy Inks: Bloodline Tattoo Inks by Skin Candy

Both Skin Candy and Bloodline tattoo inks are only offered pre-dispersed. They’re ideal for new school artists. Shake bottles well before dispensing, and then stir the contents of your ink cups with a hand-held mixer before applying Skin Candy and Bloodline inks.