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Arcane Tattoo Inks

Arcane Tattoo Inks

The Arcane tattoo ink line offers all the same, benefits of the original Alla Prima line, which means that Arcane inks are safe, acrylic- and solvent-free tattoo inks made from powdered pigments. The key difference is that they’re pre-dispersed, which means their pigment particles are broken down into a finer powder than those in original Alla Prima Ink. The smaller pigment particles result in a thinner tattoo ink that’s easier to manage and essentially ready to use right out of the bottle. Minimal mixing is required.

Arcane tattoo inks are body-friendly; they go into the skin smoothly, and tattoos created with these inks heal well and stay vibrant through time. Arcane tattoos stay bright longer because the pigment particles in Arcane inks are industrially micro sized to increase potency and allow the body to hold more color longer. These are healthy, clean inks you can rely on to perform consistently time and again, and they deliver what every artist strives to create: quick-healing, bright, beautiful, and long-lasting tattoos. With the addition of the Arcane line, Alla Prima Ink is currently the only company to manufacture both pigment-based and pre-dispersed tattoo inks.

Benefits of Arcane Tattoo Ink: China Rose Pink Arcane Inks by Alla PrimaArcane is safe, acrylic- and solvent-free tattoo ink.It’s pre-dispersed, so it’s thinner and easier to manage than original AllaPrima.Arcane gives you “shake-and-use” convenience.As with the original Alla Prima line, Arcane tattoo ink colors stay vibrant long-term.
Arcane inks and all Alla Prima products are made in the U.S.A.