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Alla Prima Ink

Joshua Carlton and John Montgomery combined their 40+ years of tattoo experience when they co-founded Alla Prima Ink, a tattoo ink company that delivers a superior product. Alla Prima Ink is a stable pigment-based ink. Unlike dyes, pigments are comprised of powder particles mixed with a liquid carrier. Stable pigment inks have larger pigment powder particles in them than pre-dispersed tattoo inks do.

That composition is what makes Alla Prima tattoo inks the ideal, thick inks that old school tattoo artists prefer. It allows artists to mix Alla Prima pigments and varying amounts of sterile water freely to achieve a large spectrum of effects—to lighten tones, add degrees of shading, and even mix pigments to create new colors. All Alla Prima Ink pigments are safe because they’re free of acrylic, solvent and PET plastic.

They don’t have the acrid, chemical-filled smell of other “well-performing” tattoo inks. Alla Prima tattoo inks have a thick, creamy consistency that allows tattoo artists to create bright, bold tattoos that hold their colors over time.  The term “Alla Prima”—which translates from Italian to “at first attempt”—is the alternate name for the wet-on-wet painting technique. It involves applying layers of paint to a canvas in quick succession so that the wet lower layers blend with the newly-added layers in a way that cannot be achieved once the lower layers are dry.

The name is apropos to Josh and John’s pigment-based tattoo inks, which work best when mixed with water and thinned before use. Alla Prima Ink is safe, non-toxic tattoo ink that’s free of acrylic, solvent, and PET plastic.It’s a thick, creamy, pigment-based tattoo ink—ideal for old school tattoo artists.Alla Prima Ink colors hold well as tattoos age, staying brighter and bolder longer than pre-dispersed inks. As many artists say, “powder is louder” from the start.
Alla Prima tattoo ink is made in the U.S.A


Notes AboutAlla Prima Ink:

Alla Prima isn’t an open-&-use line of pre-dispersed tattoo inks. Alla Prima is the type of pigment-based ink that old school tattoo artists prefer.Whatever combination of Alla Prima Inks and water you use, you must mix it well before using it. An orbital mixer or a hand-held mixer may be helpful.