Aftercare & Cleanup

After you finished making the tattoo:

First make sure that everything really is complete, wipe the ink and see if there is something you might have missed. If everything is clear then time for the 2 last steps.

Give customer information and Instructions:

Now its time to go through the aftercare recommendations that you and your studio have for your customers. Important is that they keep it moisturized and never let it get dry the first days. Also to keep away from the sun and protect the area from bacteria and touch.
It might look very nice and clear now but its actually one big wound , the body is doing everything it can to heal and to push the ink out of the skin.

Aftercare instructions you can find everywhere online so just copy this if they make sense and print out to give your customer.

Clean your working station:

If you dont have autoclave we assume you have used disposable items.  A ultrasonic cleaner is not a autoclave and in best cases only take away the skin, blood and visible things. Everything else Hepatitis , HIV etc etc is still there. Remember to blunt the needles just to make sure and to use a special plastic container for the used needles so nobody comes in contact with them.

Clean your working station with great care, antiseptics and alcohol to remove the bacteria. And even clean the floor where you have worked.

Hope this guide series have been helpful for you, and be sure to check out all our other resources for Inking, and what kinds of materials you should use.